Kristian says: We all look for inspiration everywhere …from our friends and family .. in our daily routines … even on a poster on the tube…. so when The Songwriting Academy made the challenge …. “Write the most positive song you’ve ever written…..” I stopped to think what was the most POSITIVE thing I could write about from experience and with REAL emotion…..

Living My Dream

[Note:studio guide vocal only.Not a release version ]

The result is a mix of whats happening right now with a few additions for poetic licence.. and something different to any of my other material …

Genre: Disney / Pixar style Sync track for film
Who should sing this: lead cartoon / principal lead character
All enquiries: contact page

No session singer on this one … and from many lyrical choices for the last lines of the chorus I chose the expressions I thought had the most audible impact .. alternatives included … living my dream Every Single Day .. and following my dream .. with TSA !!

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