PLAY (a chorus soundbyte from the track – the full version below)

When I first began writing biggest influence was.. and IS.. one of THE Most Awesome Voices in Modern Music.. the truly AWESOME “Anastacia”.

At the time I wrote this song there was a lot of big change happening in the music industry . and somehow this one got lost.. or or maybe it just never got found….yet.

Save Me – full track

I recently received some very valuable critique on this track from multi-platinum selling music industry heavy-hitter and Mentor Martin Sutton through The SongWriting Academy. He said –

“The chorus is in need of a lift vocally..” and in fact, when I wrote the song I knew in my heart that only one voice could truly do it justice.

So, having taken the critique onboard the question then becomes the song actually worthy of ‘That Very Awesome Voice ? ‘..

Only time will tell ….

For clarification. neither Anastacia, her publishers management etc have either solicited or approached the author of this website for the benefit of any of the creative materials and content contained herein. Neither is the inclusion of the name or photographic image of the Artist concerned intended to convey any relationship either assumed or inadvertently implied.

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