Kristian is a songwriter lyricist and topline writer in a range of modern and contemporary styles.
Kristian says ” I favour mainstream pop, upbeat rhythms and a positive feel-good message, however I’ve also written both pop and pop-rock ballads and some themed and quirky numbers.”

“I collaborate with other songwriters as well as writing solo and work with producers and vocalists to achieve the best results on demos – even though I have released tracks which have contributed to putting my name and skills on the top of the search-engine map” – “My continuing goal is to achieve more cuts, sync’s & publishing deals as a successful and accomplished songwriter. “

Since returning to London in 2016 Kristian has devoted his time to integrating into the London music scene.
” I became involved with Platinum Hit Writer Martin Sutton’s Songwriting Academy when I first arrived back in London – I have also had the pleasure of meeting and befriending some of the Industry’s most respected Producers Publishers Songwriters and Managers. I love my life – I love people , I love what I do – and Songwriting is what I do best ..
Life is Awesome!! Let’s make it a HIT !!

You can find examples of my music on Spotify andd apple and on souncloud and YouTube- simply search Kristian Vader.

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