Its crazy how you work away at something crafting it , loving it , giving it your undivided attention … and you yearn for it to have that recognition, that notoriety, that thing that gets your songs playing on the radio … then out of the blue … someone walks up to you and says .. So Kristian .. are you STILL writing ?

Bang … the bubble deflates .. all of that hope , all of that ‘securing your precious work’ in the shadows, in the hope of exclusivity for a pitch, a publishing deal, airplay !!! .. all gone in a second !

So .. time for something drastic – if no one knows you are doing it .. time to tell the world !!!!

And .. that’s how I ended up releasing four tracks over a period of four months, just to give some of my work a platform in front of the world .. no messing … just into the studio for a demo and off to the platforms to release !!

Clearly there’s always the possibility that some megastar may want to cover them and make massive hits out of them .. but for now – they sit there ready to stream , play and enjoy !!

Let the streaming begin LOL ….

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Kristian VADER

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