¤ KristianVader ¤ International Song writer and top-line lyricist, writing and collaborating with music producers, vocalists and other co-writers in a variation of genres. Working with mentors Martin Sutton (24 platinum discs) Luc Floreani (Sam Smith) Jez Ashurst, Ian Dench, Kim Richie and many other renowned industry professionals, Kristian aims to be the best, to work with the best.. and to create the best for the Best ! Check-out some of Kristian’s tracks on the Playlist

Kristian has worked with Vocalists and producers on both sides of the Atlantic and believes that collaborating with other creative people is one of the best and most fulfilling ways to work within the industry whether their talent be fresh or well-established. After all .. there is always something new to learn, in what we do and how we do it, and how we work and who we work with .. #explorethecreative !

Kristian says: It’s a privilege and a blessing to be associated with #masters-of-thegame who I can call my friends and count on for guidance and support. Talent abounds all around me .. and I give thanks every day for the blessing of creativity and inspiration !! #makeithappen






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